Thursday, March 05, 2009

Alone in my thoughts

I went to the park today with some homeschoolers we meet with and am utterly exhausted from not getting much sleep.

We don't do mornings, we didn't get there until 1 ish, but we are all so tired.

Anyhoo, I just sit and listen and interject a comment here or there.

I am so far off the spectrum that I just decided to *smile and wave*

I really, really, really want to meet a family with similar interests and philosophies and if they kept later hours like us that would be a bonus, oh and in my neighborhood or close proximity.


Asking too much?

I think not!

It will happen I know it, we can't be the only ones around...

I'm not saying anything against these folks, I like them I'm just sooooo different.


unschoolermom said...

I do definitely understand what you mean! It was such an attitude that led me to start the unschooling group here. It has worked out so well for us!

I hope you find like-minded people soon!


Donna said...

Sorry I live so far away : (

Tina said...

Oh I feel your pain. It gets so lonely here also.

Colleen said...

I hear you! Today was our last day of tennis lessons. Eric had asked to do this but then the getting up at 8:00am to be there for 9 was just too much for him. Guess we'll try again when they have an afternoon time slot!