Sunday, March 08, 2009

missed the mark

My last post just didn't convey what I wanted it to.

It probably came off as a rant and I suppose I do write that way.

I'm just matter of fact and straight.

What I am saying is that too much revolves around school.

Talk to any parent and what comes up?

Grades, tests, teachers, curriculum, pass, fail, diploma, college....

When you meet someone what do they ask your child?

What grade are you in?

What school do you go to?

Like there is no life outside of school because school is all there is.

Well what if there was more to life?

Like actually living in the real world and not an artificial one like school.

School is artificial and unnatural.

I have completely deschooled which is why it is so easy for me to dismiss the bullshit.

I'm not here to judge you for wanting what school has.

So many homeschoolers just copy school, it gets old, it really does.

My ideal is to live as if school didn't exist. We actually do a pretty good job of it :)

Of course it's everywhere, it's on tv, it's in my house everyday when the neighbors visit. It's sad when it's portrayed with homeschoolers.

I don't speak freely when people are talking about tests and lessons and blah blah blah.

If you ask me, I will tell you exactly what I think but unfortunately I can't go around spouting off.

Why do you think I come here?


Spout, spout!!!!

If my child chooses a traditional path then we will jump through the hoops to get there.

Schoolish ways aren't the first thought or the only path.

We will do what we need to reach the desired outcome.

I'm just trying to portray an alternative to *school*

Now I lose an hour so I guess it's really 3 am.

Aha my computer just changed which explains why my connection is wigging out and blogger says it can't save.

I'm hoping I don't get lost in space, bwhaaa!!!!!!!!!


Me said...

Boy, we must be on the same wave length lately. We've been pretty lonely as the only unschooling family. We get so tired of having to wait for everyone to finish "school" before they can do anything else. I really like the families at our co-op but it just isn't the same. We have been talking about moving...

unschoolermom said...

I can totally understand what you mean, Stephanie. I've always wondered why people ask about what grade a child is in as opposed to how old he/she is. In fact, I was just talking about this with someone a few weeks ago. With my own sons, I can see that Taliesin is more into "school things" than Nathanael is. Nathanael is a totally natural learner. Taliesin is a natural learner, but he still enjoys some "school things" and requests that we do them quite often. Which both ways are fine with me. As long as they are learning in ways that work for them and that they enjoy. Judging from the way they are now, I can totally see Taliesin wanting a diploma, a graduation, going to college. I can see Nathanael being the opposite. Of course, that could change for either of them. They're both young. But they are indivudals, and this is why we unschool. Sometimes it is all natural learning. Sometimes it's not. It depends on how they want to learn.


Tina said...

It's because society pegs kids as students and that is all until they graduate from college. Even I see this with the teens. It's always... what college are you going to?

Not what are going to do to celebrate adulthood.

More pegging more schooling.

It's pretty hard to move a mountain when you are the mole.

Celebrate your life with others and let them see that you are happy and leave them wondering why you aren't stressed.


unschoolermom said...

I do have to like the definition of "student," however - one who pursues knowledge. I had never really thought about it in those terms before until it was pointed out in one of my classes. Doesn't matter which method is used to pursue that knowledge.