Saturday, March 14, 2009


Dishes are fun!

That is what Cassie told me tonight.

She has been doing the dishes the past few days and she likes it!

Who knew?

I have never required her to wash dishes :)

The boys don't think dishes are fun but hey, they are missing out!


unschoolermom said...

Isn't it cute when they volunteer to help? I love that. Today, Taliesin volunteered to take out the trash. Children do not need to be forced. They will help when given positive roles.


Stephanie said...

Amen Kandy!

We have never had chores and so I like to share positive examples of help once in awhile :)

As a matter of fact I hear the dishes being done right now.

I loaded the dishwasher and ran it earlier and Cassie is in there unloading it now.

Colleen said...

My Cassie loves to wash dishes too. Though I suspect it is more the playing with the bubbles than anything else.

Colleen said...

Okay I just read that you have a dishwasher! No fair!!!