Friday, June 22, 2007


I love unschooling, learning is as natural as breathing for my kids. I have personally completely deschooled, I have no hang ups about school, except for the fact that I was subject to public schooling in the first place.

It makes it hard to explain to people though. Well... we don't follow a curriculum, we don't test, we don't use grades, we don't even know what grade the kids would be in.

I believe that I was born a rebel, a free spirit who couldn't be tied down to some sort of rule oriented life controlled by some other person.

School is a joke and it is damaging and it is a waste of precious time, school is no place for children.

I love the freedom we have, I love that we go to bed when we want and wake when we want. I love that we eat when we are hungry and use the bathroom without asking permission. Oh I could rant on that one.

I love the curiosity in my kids, I like to watch them play, they just go about their day playing, playing, playing. You do know that so much learning happens while playing, learning happens all the time it's everywhere, you can't avoid it. I guess that you could if you were schooled and so ingrained that learning was boring and something that you had to do between 8am and 3pm.

All we can do is plant seeds and be an example, we can't make anyone get it but we can tell people about it who are really seeking out a better way of living and learning.

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