Friday, June 08, 2007

So much to say...

Oh my gosh... I haven't blogged in a few weeks, why you ask? My ds slammed my hand in the sliding door of the van, on accident.

My birthday was May 18th, my mom and new stepdad came to visit from TX, we had such an awesome time. I haven't seen my mom in 3 years and this was the first time to meet Hank. I do have pics that I will post just not right this minute.

We went to the zoo and to the Opry Mills Mall and Gaylord Opryland Hotel and to Outback Steakhouse and Cinco De Mayo and I had the richest chocolate cake, oh my.

Grandpa Hank bought Kieran and Brennan guitars, he plays and collects them and my boys are interested in playing. That is when my hand got slammed the minute we got to the guitar store, OUCH!!!!

I was screaming, I thought it was broken, it swelled and bruised and I couldn't do anything right handed.
I applied arnica several times a day and here I am almost fixed up.
I admit that I hate being dependant and I had to be a left handed person because my right hand was not working.
Oh the mental and emotional trauma I went through is excruciating to think about.

My husband and kids had to do what I normally do and I couldn't participate in email or even sign my name, UGH!!!
I had to write left handed and eat left handed and do other things I won't mention, LOL!

Gosh it seems like a lot has happened te past few weeks, I'll post more soon with pics of course. Brennan turned 9 and we had a box turtle for a day and we have been exploring with a metal detector and playing music and swimming and ,and ,and that's all for now.

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Creative Life Studio said...

Wow! Oh, my goodness! How did you blog this? It must have taken quite a while!!

Sorry to hear that your hand is in bad shape and hope you'll be feeling much better soon.

Arnica is wonderful, isn't it?