Sunday, June 10, 2007

Something funny... to me

We had a barbeque at our best friends house tonight. It was their family, my family and 2 other families, we all homeschool.

We were all having a blast and my friend and I were there with one of the other moms just chatting and laughing and having a good old time.

Then the other mom(I'm not using their names) said that her son had been grounded for a month and hasn't been playing video games. He just started playing again today, he does not have unlimited access anyway, it's not a privilege.
He has to do school and finish before dinner time which is usually around 6pm before he can play video games. He has about 4 subjects a day to do.

Well my friend knows that I am what I am and I just said *what did she say, she is speaking a foreign language*

This may be one of those had to be there moments but I was serious, what do you mean by school and subjects? What do you mean that video games are a privilege? I'm so confused!!!!!

I'm not sure if she knows we are radical unschoolers or what but they all laughed when I said that.

We don't do school we don't do subjects and there are definitely no priveleges, video games are in the house and there for the taking.

AHHHHHH I know that some people will never understand but one thing that is awesome is that my best friend is reading Holt and Gatto and she says I'm rubbing off on her. If I can even help one family relax and deschool it's all good!

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