Thursday, June 02, 2011

Why? I just don't get it!

I honestly don't get why the majority of people send their kids to school.

It is an artificial environment set up based on age segregation. Kids are locked away for 9 or more months of the year then let out on break only to be shuffled away to something else.   Summer school, summer camp, vacation bible school etc....

Kids don't get much time to just be kids, relax, think, reflect, choose their own path....Every waking moment is scheduled so after 12 years of in the box indoctrination they graduate into the real world.

Many can't read well, articulate a thought or do real math... Why do people believe that school is where they go to get an education? Many parents think school is teaching their kids what they need to know and don't supplement their learning by real life application.   I know there are involved parents that send their kids to school and I don't know why they bother.

Who wants that kind of education anyway?

School is nothing more than government babysitting. I'm sorry for those that are neglected at home and school is also a free meal and a place to get away from home. Those instances are rare though, at least I hope they aren't the norm.

I just stand here in awe and watch people send their kids away each year for what I don't know...

Now it's graduation time or what I affectionately call * I survived indoctrination and all I got was this lousy piece of paper*

Until people wake up to the purpose of government education our society will keep spiraling downward into the depths of sheeplehood.

I leave you with this quote:

"School is the advertising agency that makes you believe you need society as it is."

Ivan Illich

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Lyndz said...

That quote is only TOO true.

I wonder the same thing about parents...why ARE you sending your kids to school? To turn them into zombies?

I think it's that most people can't imagine being "different" as being a wonderful thing. They can't imagine a society where we were all 'different' with different opinions, needs, desires, education interests, ect...

So, they send their children to school. They are guaranteed to end up with something that satisfies society's expectation. Have you noticed how even children who turn out quite badly...are MORE accepted by most of society than an unschooled child?