Monday, June 13, 2011

How do you Unschool?

There is a lot of information about unschooling  on the internet. Some great and some not so great. Two favorites of mine are Sandra Dodd and Joyce Fetteroll

Many people new to the concept just want to know HOW to do it. Where to begin? What do  we do if we don't do school.

My advice is to first deschool. It is imperative to rid yourself of the years of indoctrination. This can take time, hopefully not too long. While you are detoxing from the system allow your child the same courtesy. If they have been in school or homeschooled they need to to undo the damage of schooling.

Children learn through play if  you have young kids you can check out my article.

Unschooling is living and learning, it is natural. School is artificial and school is what you need to leave behind.

Be with your kids, be interesting, curious and inquisitive. Talk about everything, discuss current events or your favorite thing.

We unschool by living our lives. My kids wake up each day and choose what they want to do. They play games, watch tv, look at books, maps, draw, create, imagine, talk, ask, research, explore etc... Each day is new, we all have a loose routine but we take each day as it comes.

Learning is happening all of the time, it's inevitable.

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