Saturday, June 11, 2011

How do you know?

People ask homeschoolers/unschoolers questions like, "How do you know they are learning?"

That is right up there with *What about socialization* for me....

How do you know without testing or grading or curriculum?

How do you know?

Well I live with them for starters, pay attention to your kids and you will be amazed at what they know.

I do have an example.

My middle son reads articles online and then tells me about them. That is reading comprehension, right?

He reads, absorbs, and then reiterates in his own words.

Each day my kids learn so many new things and they explore ideas and concepts and discuss them.

Children absorb and make connections everyday, they are learning beings. I know that they know because they exhibit knowledge and understanding on a daily basis.

Testing, grades and curriculum are unnecessary tools in the game of real life learning.

Those are school tools and they don't measure true knowledge or understanding. They are artificial markers just as school is an artificial environment not conducive to real learning.


Kim said...

I always enjoy your posts, and you are absolutely right, every child learns - it's nice to learn from the real world, as opposed to an artificial one.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for leaving me a message Kim! I appreciate it...sometimes I wonder if anyone is there :)

Erica said...

Thats what I tell people when they ask "how do you know if they're learning"?.. "well, I live with them".. sheesh, that question baffles me still, LOL