Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kids grow up too fast

Today is Jared's 9th birthday. He was my last baby. We actually thought we were done after 3 kids and were planning on making that official and then I get bit by the baby bug.

You know the baby bug? Every time I saw a baby I got all emotional, I needed another baby...

So Jason saw this reaction keep happening and I told him I wanted another baby and he said OK!

Jared is such a bundle of intense energy. He has caused me to be a better, patient, understanding parent.

I have been his partner all his life, I have run intereference and helped him handle situations that other kids may not have a problem with. We would only go to Jared friendly places so he could be himself.

He was very different from my other babies right from the start. He used to scream from 1-4am the first few weeks of his life....

His perspective is different, he is intense and he thinks deeply and feels deeply.  He is  awesome, talented, artistic, has a photographic memory and can be very focused or get very frustrated.

I love this little boy more than I can express here!

Happy Birthday dear Jared!  I'm so thankful you were born!

Next month my oldest turns 16...WOW!

Enjoy your babies because you blink and they aren't babies anymore!

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Elise said...

I know that feeling well! My eldest just turned 13 and my youngest is coming up to 8, with my two daughters 9 & 10. I felt like I had babies for a long time ( 4 aged 5 & under!) and now it's all going so quickly! Reading your post made me feel teary!
Happy Birthday Jared!
Zoe x