Monday, August 29, 2011


I've been seeing it around the web lately that we shouldn't be anti-school. We shouldn't be out talking against school.

I am anti-school, I will not apologize for that. I know why schools were started and they are outdated and useless, IMO.

Schools are not necessary for learning. They are a place to herd children while parents work or a place for those few neglected children to get a hot meal and safety from their abusive parents.

I do not see value in school, never have, I went to school from preschool through 2 years of college.

If homeschoolers want to get their panties in a wad because I don't like school, oh well.

I promote partnership parenting and unschooling. If I happen to diss the system that is my prerogative.

My main goal when sharing on here or facebook or wherever is to show what the purpose of school is and to show there are alternatives to school. Many people have never even given a thought to NOT sending their kids. It's automatic, it's normal, it's what society expects one to do. When more people wake up and opt out and make different choices then maybe we can actually change the system.

I'm not against having a place for kids to go because I know that most people won't home educate. The compulsory institution just isn't it.

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