Friday, June 19, 2009


Several of the blogs I read have a post titled Thankful Thursday.

Well it's Friday now but I just wanted to say I am extremely thankful for AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!

We are having record high heat and humidity. I don't breathe well when it's muggy.
This is unusual for June, it's usually dry but we have had a rainy spring and there is a ton of moisture in the air.

Our van a/c is broken and I had some errands to run yeterday, I was melting to say the least.

I'm staying in the house today :)


unschoolermom said...

I hope you stay cool! Be care in the heat!

Our car's AC has been out since last summer (heat, too). But it's an old care and we're wanting to get something different; so we haven't invested in it. It can definitely be a pain!


Heather said...

Yeah... I'm thankful for AC too. we haven't actually hooked ours up in two seasons now. :-(

Donna said...

My family would be thankful for AC if I let them turn it on, bwahahahahah! It finally got warm enough here to open the windows and breathe some fresh air....I am just not ready to close the house up again already! So I am making everyone suffer, bwahahahahah! We do have fans running though, and after our last bout of rain, the temp has dropped a bit, so we'll survive ; )

Stephanie said...

Ha Ha Donna!
It was 100 today with 50% humidity, I think you would turn on the ac :)
We are looking for 100-105 for the weekend.
Now it is usually low humidity until August so this is awful.

Cam said...

I was about to ask if you lived around here, but then I saw the label 'South' and knew that you were close enough! We are in southern Georgia and the heat has been unreal! Tomorrow is supposed to be 103! I will spontaneously combust by August, I just know it!

I am thankful for AC, too...

PS- I'm Cam & new to the unschooling blogs, not to unschooling, but just started our own family blog (dylan's wild rumpus), and I am loving this new community online!

Stephanie said...

It's great to meet you Cam!
Yes, I'm in TN, so we are having the same heat wave.
I'm pretty sure I've spontaneously combusted before :)

Tina said...

Hey girl.. I'm just now feeling up to blogging again. It's been a long road.

Wanted to say we finally turned on the AC. I couldn't take it any more.