Monday, June 08, 2009

Giant Leopard Moth

One of our caterpillars was a giant leopard
Cassie named him Giant. She really liked him, she would play with him a lot.

Here is his cocoon.

Just today I was looking at the cocoons and thinking they must all be dead because it's been several weeks now.

Just a few minutes ago we saw this.

Giant is now a moth.


L. J. Lowe said...

That moth is awesome!

Heather said...

That moth is absolutely beautiful!

Darcel said...

Love your blog! My youngest was in awe of the Elephants. I'm a follower now :)

Paige said...


Stephanie said...

Thanks everyone!
Cassie is so happy especially since we thought he was dead.

Nice to meet you Darcel :)

Penny said...

Too Cool!!!

Hilaree said...

Hi there Stephanie! I haven't been around for awhile since the new pumpkin...but here I am again... I love that you posted about the pet caterpillar. My children are OBSESSED with caterpillars - will bring them in the house, build homes for them, rescue them from the driveway and "return them to their families" in the shrubs or wherever, etc. Creepy crawlies are very important to children if we allow them the time to explore and get dirty! Hope you're doing well. :)

JoAnn said...

How totally awesome!!!

unschoolermom said...

So beautiful! Last year Taliesin and Nathanael had a Great White Sphinx caterpillar named Arthur that we set free after his metomorphosis. They are so much fun!


Donna said...

How cool! Are you going to set him free?

Stephanie said...

We kept him for a few days until he was ready to go.

We let him go two days ago, Cassie was sad.

She cried because she missed him.

Kris said...

I took home a really big pupa last Sunday, having no idea in heck as to what kind of moth would come out, and today I looked in the cage and found a Giant Leopard Moth. I had never even heard of them before this search.

And my mom had been complaining when I wanted to take the pupa home that it might have parasites or something. Now she's going nuts over how pretty it is.

Do the adults eat anything, like can they be fed sugar water with a soaked cotton-ball like butterflies or do they just mate and starve? I know there are people who raise Luna moths and I'm hoping I can do the same with this guy.

Stephanie said...

Hi Kris,
We only kept our moth for a few days until he could fly.

We did put some sugar water in the cage but we don't know if he ate it.

After a couple days we took him outside and set him in our flower garden. The next day he was gone, we wanted him to be free.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stephanie! We've found ourselves a "Giant" TOO! I noticed your post is dated from last year, but am hoping you still check it... My family and I live in Michigan and were wondering how long did you raise your caterpillar? We are VERY excited to experience the entire life cycle and were hoping you could offer some advice on how to keep our guy healthy and happy? Thanks Cassie T.