Friday, November 10, 2006

Ok... I admit it

I am a person who likes things clean and free from clutter. Clutter bogs me down and weighs on me, it drives me nuts. Recently there were discussions on a couple unschooling groups I am on about clean houses, I didn't write in because I never seem to have a chance at the right time. I am apparantly on the other end, many people were talking about cleaning as it needed to be done but not worrying about it.

Someone wrote that they have sayings between friends like * if you don't clean for me I won't clean for you* or * If you want to see my house make an appointment but if you want to see me come anytime* Those are two I remember off the top of my head, I just giggled quietly...
I don't care how anyone else keeps their house but I seriously need to clean, not every day it does go in spurts.

I do the usual stuff every day but right now my house is a mess of course my friend doesn't believe me she thinks my house is never a mess
Well it's a mess to me, today we spent the day at the park so when I came home I did the dishes and laundry but that's all.

The bedrooms are a mess now I admit that lots of times I just pick up the kids rooms as I go and sometimes I ask them to pick up their rooms.
I let the mail pile up for a short while and stuff piles up then I have to declutter and get rid of it.

We have been playing lots of boardgames lately so those are out in the dining room along with papers, folders, books, crayons, legos, army men etc...

Jared always has something exploding, usually legos, they are everywhere :)

But... I need to get rid of the clutter, I'm not talking spotless just picked up and neat, well I do like to vacuum, I know I'm deranged, LOL!

Being an unschooling family of six plus two chocolate labs you can imagine that the house is nowhere near the way *I* would like it. I do try and keep it liveable for all of us though so it works.
I actually told my hsband the other day that if I could I would have the house not looked lived in, how crazy is that? I'm just compulsive seriously I want it to be warm and inviting but also clean and decluttered, I'm looking for the balance.

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