Monday, November 06, 2006


The last couple days we have been playing Clue, Cassie and Brenny are not reading yet but they wanted to play. I showed them how the cards match the rooms and weapons and suspects and they did really well. They are marking their own cards and recognizing the words on the sheet and matching them to the words on the cards. They are really getting the hang of it and doing quite well for just starting out.

Last week we were playing Rummy a lot and they did very well and they also wanted to keep score. This was new as I realized they weren't used to adding 2 and 3 digit numbers, I showed them how to line it up and carry over.

Tonight we just started a Monopoly game, we are taking a break from it but hope to finish before Jared starts throwing the pieces around.

So we have been playing lots of games lately and having a good time together.

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