Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A few thoughts...

In light of last week's events a lot of people are airing their opinions on guns. What about the cause of what makes someone go on a killing spree. Clearly this person was mentally ill . I believe a lot of these shootings could be avoided. I do not have a lot of knowledge on the situation but the question I have is, Why does this keep happening? Why are people snapping and shooting in schools and malls and any public place they feel like it?

I do not believe that gun control is the issue. No matter what the laws are if someone wants to get a gun, they can get a gun, it's not that hard to obtain one illegally. All more laws will do is punish the law abiding citizens.

Then take school, why shoot up kids? Aren't they supposed to be safe at school? I think not, even though schools are prison like and some have more security than others, it is not a safe place for children. You know I have never sent my kids to school, I did not have kids to send them away. I'm not saying you did but I don't think very many people give it a second thought. Many just believe it's part of life, you go to school. Well I believe the opposite, it is an unnecessary part of so many lives. I have nothing good to say about school.

More importantly our children are only young once, every milestone they reach I want to be there, I don't want to hear about it second hand. Schools cause division in the family. I have written about this so many times I feel like a broken record.

I don't have the answers, I wish more of these troubled kids got the help they needed. There is so much turmoil in their lives, bullying, cutting, suicide...


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ruzzel01 said...

A learning lesson to whoever reads it. You said it truthfully.

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