Sunday, July 17, 2011

The little girl next door

I mean little, I think she is 3.

She is cute.

She is strong willed, I like that.

She wants to play with Cassie all the time. At first Cassie loved playing with her. But she has proven to be annoying and not listen.

It's not her fault... I won't get into too much detail but she lives with her grandparents(our neighbors) most of the time... Her parents are irresponsible... I won't get into my beef on that.

She is a sweet cute little thing and I want to be kind to her.

She comes over, she just walks in without knocking and she doesn't want to leave...

The truth is that kids like to be at our house, they always have.

While I pride myself on having that environment I suppose we need to draw lines.

When we lived at our old house we were the place to go for the neighbor kids. Two of those kids have become best buds with my kids. Even though we moved we still go get them at least once a week and they come and spend the night

We are the fun house... Sometimes it's exhausting and expensive...

I love kids! I hate that they are subject to their parents fuck ups and have to endure so much bullshit....

That is why we are so inviting.... They don't sense that crap here..

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Penny said...

We are the go-to house also, and I love it. Sometimes it can be a pain, they are used to being told "no" all the time. But I'd rather they "bother" me than other adults who'll jump down their throats for daring to ask for something.

G has 3 good friends, and they rotate weekends at my house - a standing date. the funny thing (funny in a sad way) is that G wouldn't stay at their houses. We don't do much separating and he just wants to be here. And that's okay with me - I wouldn't really want him to stay at their houses anyway.