Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Holding a grudge

Someone is holding a grudge against me and a friend. I honestly don't know what I did. Something happened 2 years ago on my friend's facebook wall, it was political. I don't recall commenting or getting into a debate or anything with this person.

She unfriended me and I still saw her all over the place because we had mutual friends...so I blocked her so I wouldn't have to read anything she said. We have a significantly different political view but I'm friends with lots of people that I don't agree with politically.

She was apparently still subbed to my yahoo group and I sent out a special notice to all members. She replied saying she didn't want anything to do with it after what *you two did to me*

I seriously don't know what I did. I sent her a nice email asking her to tell me what the  problem was....I talked to my friend and I just decided to let it go....

Then today I get an email from her that said *Bite Me*

I am really baffled because I have no idea what her problem is.... I'm letting it go, trying to be the bigger person here... But the feisty part of me wants to reply and tell her to FUCK OFF!

That is why I'm writing about it here, that way I get it off my chest and I can just ignore the bitch. She just better never contact me again though I can't guarantee I'll be so nice next time.


Penny said...

Shake it off. It's irrelevant. You didn't do anything. You are *guilty* by association. It's been 2 years. If she's still carrying the anger, that's her own fault.

Stephanie said...

Thanks hon! It's just so stupid that it baffles me...

I over it now that is why I wanted to write about it.

Cap'n Franko said...

Sorry. You and I are sociopolitically opposite but that's mostly abstract philosophy. We can disagree, even argue and it means nothing in the greater scheme of things. What's real is that you're a nice person and you love your kids. Most everything else is insignificant.

Clearly this person is royally pissed at you but if they won't communicate why, whatcha gonna do?

Take care!

Sandra Dodd said...

I think check any yahoo lists you have or address books and delete her so she doesn't get stirred up by a casual mailing. If you can live as though school doesn't exist (quoting a badge on the side of your blog), maybe you can live as though that problem/situation/person doesn't exist.

I've had people in years long past, before unschooling, who were negative and furious and looked for things to hook that to. Some chose me, because I was an officer in an international organization for years. Some of them (individually, variously) grew up and calmed down and came and apologized to me. Maybe you can see it more as a longrange situation. If the former friend gets calmer and wiser, you might be friends again. If she doesn't get calmer and wiser, she might lose more friends and you won't have to worry about the mutual friends aspect.

One more idea. When people are awful to me in private, I don't hesitate to share that in public. I don't care what people say about their "copyright" on their own mailings, if they write things like "Bite Me" (and I've had much worse), I will share it out just as I would call the police if someone were doing that to me "in private" on my front porch or in my house.