Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I keep saying I'm not a writer in person and I know I've written it here before.

I need to stop criticizing myself.

The reason I say I'm not a writer is because I have friends who are writers. I don't paint pictures or tell beautiful stories. I do tell it plain and simply, that is how I write.

There are all kinds of writers and I'm just different, doesn't mean I suck, like I think I do...

I can talk to you and answer questions about unschooling and parenting. It's so easy for me to share my philosophy in person.

I had a wonderful conversation with my aunt that I hadn't seen in 22 years. She was a school teacher for 35 years and was asking me about homeschooling. I explained what we do and how we live and she was open and said so it's like *organic learning*   Yes! See I can explain it well. I lose something between mouth and fingers though. I could dictate and have someone else write :)

That was the best talk I've ever had with a teacher, it was nice and she was so thrilled to learn what we do. She loved the kids and could clearly see that what we do was working.

Why this post?

I was asked to write an unschooling article and I'm not sure how I did... If it gets published I'll let you know.


Cap'n Franko said...

Faulkner was long-winded. Proust was seriously long-winded. Milton was tediously allegorical. Hemingway wrote short, declarative sentences. They were all important writers.
Many people feel that Hemingway's work is more approachable and readable than the others I mentioned.

You are perhaps simply the Hemingway of unschooling writers. I will certainly read it. Let us know when it's available.

jen said...

Love what Frank had to say, and I agree!! You ARE a writer, and I admire the way you can so succinctly get a point across. The world would be a boring place indeed if we all had the same style.

I look forward to reading your article!