Friday, July 18, 2008

Little pet peeve

I just went to the post office and I got behind this OM(old man) going 20-25mph on a back road that I take to cut out of main traffic.
I'm following him, you can't really pass on that road and we are getting up to where I need to turn and he turns the way I'm going.


The speed limit on this road is 45mph and he managed to get up to 30mph.
Patience is not my strong suit but I get so irritated when people go that far UNDER the speed limit.

I was saying please God I can't be behind this guy, I'll lose my mind. There are places to pass on this road but the cars kept coming.

Then finally dotted lines and no cars, I stepped on the gas and flew away.

Ah freedom :)

I'm all for being safe but holding up the flow of traffic isn't safe either.

I'm not a speed racer, well I do like to drive fast and only do it when appropriate.

I usually go about 5mph over the limit because the cops in this town will get ya.

I did get a ticket in PA when I was pregnant with Jared and it was my first offense EVER and I was treated like a common criminal. Bad experience.

Anyway I think speed limits should be guidelines not Law but that's another story...

If you want to drive slow pull over and let us by, pretty simple.


justjuls said...

Ah - you made me think of something good about Texas - when people are going slower - they pull onto the shoulder so you can pass them safely. It was the strangest thing when I first experienced it. Although - we have the paved shoulders because this is a hurricane evacuation route. So maybe not such a good thing after all!

Donna said...

A kindred spirit, I feel your pain. Nothing drives me battier than when I take a short cut, a known short cut that everyone knows you can sort of speed through, and then a moron shows up and ruins it for the rest of us. I tend to drive too fast too, and slow people in front of me just about put me over the edge. (although I must admit I live pretty close to the edge already : )

Cap'n Franko said...

Here in Washington state all the slugs move into the left lane as soon as they can and sit there, usually doing *less than* the speed limit, when it's common knowledge that the staties set their radar for speeds of more than 10 mph over. I have no idea why they do this. Sometimes you can pass them on the right, but typically all the lanes, even when there are as many as 4 or 5 on the freeway, just fill up with people doing the same freaking (low) speed. It makes me crazy.

Tina said...

My sister in law was complaining about this the other day to the police. They actually took down the license plate number and said they would make a house visit to the old man.

Also, when a person is turning left, you may pass on the right. We actually have passing lanes build on the shoulders. My husband, after 10 years of being here, still can't get over that. I love it.

L. J. Lowe said...