Monday, July 07, 2008

cranky neighbors

The old man across the street came out and told my son that he has heard enough fireworks for the past 4 days.

My son was just going to set off a few bottlerockets and then be done with it.

We only set off a few the past couple nights. We live in a subdivision, the 4th and 5th sounded like we were in a war zone. Some people were setting off the loud ones that sound like gun shots. As a matter of fact I just heard some, I guess my son was an easy target.

He came in all long faced and sad being scolded by this guy.


Don't you talk to my kids, you come talk to me!!!!!

So it's a little noise for a few days, get over it, turn your damn hearing aid off.


Donna said...

It seems as if you were doing it early. I have no problem with fireworks that are over by 11:00 at the latest. It's the midnighters around here that drive me crazy! Saturday night we heard big fireworks going off until 1am!

Sorry a mean old man yelled at your son. Go get em!

Tina said...

Oh my gosh, well, what are the rules there? And is this guy going to every house?

Set those suckers off.

Come read about my saga with my "wonderful" neighbor.

justjuls said...

I hope you walked right back out there and set them off with him!
That is so irritating. I haven't loved the loud noises - but I have found my own ways of dealing with it.
If it is not in the middle of the night - I don't think he has any say. What is he going to do - call the police?

unschoolermom said...

I'd do it anyway. :^)


Lisa said...

My problem is when fireworks were going off at 1 a.m. here and we live in town so it's illegal! My poor dog is scared of them, I deal with it early in the day even if it is illegal but 1 a.m. is to much for me lol. I really didn't care when I lived out of town, it's part of living in the country.

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