Saturday, June 21, 2014

Little exchange

Cassie had her hair cut yesterday. This was a major transformation as she went from long and full to a pixie cut. While she was getting it done the hairdresser was full of questions. She was a very extroverted person and Cass who used to be a social butterfly is kind of quiet these days. Anyway, this is what I heard. I will use C for her and HD for the nice lady .

HD: How old are you?
C: 14
HD: What grade are you in?
C: I don't go to school.
HD? So you are homeschooled? Don't you still have a grade?
C: I am Unschooled.
HD: What is that?
C: We don't do school.
HD: Well what do you do?
C: Whatever we want.

I giggled under my breath and spoke up saying it's a natural approach to learning. We follow the child's interest.

HD: (Typical response) All my kids are interested in are video games.

Me still smiling... We have done this all their lives.

We briefly exchanged a bit more, but I really loved Cassie's answers :)

No coaching from me.

Although it reminded me of a time when Jared was like 6 and the dad of a kid he met in the neighborhood asked him what grade he was in and he said he doesn't go to prison...Ha ha, I loved it, but started to watch what I was saying.. Yeah right, if you know me...

I love my kids, they are so awesome.

Always Unschooled and smart as a whip!

I'll stop here, I could go on a rant, but this was just about Cass and the HD :)

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Anonymous said...

I love this! I also "guide" conversations with adults and my children when we are out and about as well. So many people don't have an understanding for what unschooling really is. :-) Thanks for sharing!