Saturday, August 28, 2010


I can only be so hopeful for change and then talk to someone who would never change. Some people will never shift, they like their box, they like the school model and live by it accordingly.

It is frustrating for me as I am speaking of my own father. I can't figure out why he thinks my kids won't be prepared for the future, the world is changing and school is the best preparation?


My kids have an advantage because they are free to learn as they wish. I think they will be more ready for the world because they live in it. They aren't holed up in some little box all day being carroted around.

I think I made a new word...hee hee, I was referring to the carrot and stick...

I don't usually get into these discussions with people I know are unwavering. It happended though because my dad and I have a very strained relationship, it's more so now that I spoke up.

The truth is I'm glad we are not nearby so he can't constantly critique my children. I know that seems harsh but it's how I feel.

I usually let things he says roll, but I have to speak up now and again to defend myself.

I am not a complete idiot and I'm pretty confident that my kids are fine and will continue to grow and learn at their pace.

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Anonymous said...

Well done for standing up for what you believe in x