Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm that mom

This post is inspired by Ronnie go to the link and see lots of entries in the comments :)

I've been trying to think about what makes me *that mom* I mean honestly I just do what I do for my kids because they are awesome people who deserve to be loved, respected and really listened to.

I honor their likes and dislikes, I cut the crust off the bread, I make them what they want to eat regardless if it's what I made for everyone else.

They play hockey in the living room and build forts and do experiments in the bathroom.

I'm that mom that inspires neighbor kids to want to spend all day at our  house and ask me to adopt them.

I'm that mom that let's her kids BE kids. Play in the mud, play in the rain, play in the hose, get dirty and explore. Guess what kids are washable :)

I'm that mom that reads the same book over and over, that answers countless questions each day, that comes when called to:

Mom, come here.
Mom, look.
Mom, what is this?

I'm that mom who does her best to find a way to say yes, even if it's not now but let's figure out how we could do that.

I'm that mom that will play a game with her child even if she really didn't want to because it makes the kid happy and in turn it makes me feel good.

Today I was that mom who let her 8 yr old play with a plastic produce bag in Whole Foods. He had a blast playing with that bag, it kept him occupied the whole time :)

I'm that mom who wants her kids to be happy and free and does her best to make that possible.


Ronnie said...

Exactly! Love it.

Rana said...

Love it Stephanie! You are that mom!

piscesgrrl said...

Kids are washable... ha! Love it. Lovely post!

~Katherine said...

And what a year for you to be that mom! :) Luv you.

Cam said...


I think fort building is an unschooling thing... I see lots of forts in these circles.

They are so much FUN!!