Friday, June 04, 2010

Unschooling and the mainstream media

Here is the latest mainstream blip on Nightline trying to discredit unschooling. Here is Dayna's explanation of what happened.

Personally I do not want unschooling advertised via maintream media to the general public. I truly believe that they can't handle it because it is so different than the box they are in.

The general public has a hard time accepting homeschooling as a viable educational option. Many believe that we need strict laws and government oversight. I do not understand this thinking, I went to school just as they did and I do not want to subject my children to that.

Unschooling brings in all sorts of misconceptions. If children are free to eat, sleep, wake and do what they want how will they ever learn to live in the REAL world.

I don't know about you but school is about as artificial as you can get. There is no real world in school. Being locked up in a cell with 30 kids your own age being forcefed useless facts and moving to a bell. How is that the REAL world?

We live and learn in the REAL world. Our kids learn about real life as they live it.

Our kids learn to listen to their bodies to know when they are hungry, tired or have to go to the bathroom.

They learn about current events as they are happening in the REAL world.

They follow their interests and learn according to their own personal time frame and ability.

They read when they are ready by living in a world full of words.

They write, they do real life math, they learn about history and geography by living and questioning.

Kids are curious...So many questions, all day, everyday. Google is our friend.

Kids do not need to be taught, they don't need lesson plans and curriculum and scopes and tests and comparisons.

They need freedom to grow and learn and be and do and question and answer and explore and just LIVE!

They need parents who are willing to allow them the freedom to grow and learn and be facilators and guides and mentors and partners.

I say question everything, do not take my word at face value.
My kids are thinkers and questioners.

They live and learn in the REAL world without school.

School doesn't exist in our lives but REAL learning does.

We just want to be left alone to live and learn and enjoy our freedoms without anyone taking them away.


Grace Walker said...

I love this post and I love you Stephanie!!!! Right on time and so refreshing for me to read. :o)

Anita Ann said...

That nightline but was so bad. It looked like they took the wildest moments and streamed them together.

Classroomfree said...

I enjoyed reading this post Stephanie, thought provoking :)

I am unsure about unschooling not being advertised via mainstream media to the general public. I see it from both sides. One, that the publicity is often negative, making unschoolers appear to be nothing short of loony families, with the children running around doing as they please, and the parents being lazy. We know that in most cases this is far from the truth.

On the other hand, the more people see and hear about home-education, of whatever 'method' can often be a good thing. I dream of people seeing it as a normal choice. Another avenue for their children's education along the usual private or state school choice we all know is available. If just one family's life is changed for the better through something they see on TV, then it's worth it. If just one unhappy school child has his or her life changed through something seen on the media, then it's worth it.

We need to give the general public something to think about, something to question, something to talk about, in order to enable open discussion. This in turn may help to pave the way to homeschooling to be seen as a 'normal' choice, a 'normal' lifestyle. It is a battle, I understand that, but if we just hide away and aren't seen, people jump to their own conclusions anyway. If we let our voices be heard, use our families as examples of how it works, then who knows - we could start a change in thinking...

It's a tough one, and getting the balance right isn't easy. Just my thoughts :)

Hugs x

Lauren said...

There's no way that the media can properly introduce unschooling to the public in a balanced way.

However, WE can do that. WE can show our friends and families that our children are learning, loving life and growing in relationships without the constrictions of the classroom.

OUR job (and our pleasure) is to show that unschooling is viable and wonderful!

Anita Ann said...

Lauren, which is another blogging about it is so awesome!