Friday, July 31, 2009


I know someone, it's a friend of a friend that was homeschooling.

She is putting her kids in school now.

She said something that is really sad.

She said that her son has been her whole world for 10 years and now she needs time to herself.

I don't know about you but kids are for life, they are not a part time endeavor. They aren't something you take care of for awhile and then pass them off to someone else.

I did not have kids to send them away. We decided before we had kids that I would stay home and public school was never an option.

I see it a lot, parents just non- chalantly pass off their kids here or there. Some people are so self absorbed and full of me me me that they shouldn't have kids.

You can not be a parent and be selfish.

Parenting for us is about family, it's sharing a journey, we are partners with our children.

Prison opens up here on Monday and so many of those parents are thrilled to get rid of their kids.

You meet them all over, they can't wait for school to start.

It's so sad, such a tragic thing to want your kids to be away, to allow government intervention into the family.


JoAnn said...

Sad indeed!

unschoolermom said...

What a sad thing for your friend to say about her son! Our lives are supposed to be dedicated to our children! Why put in school just for "me time"? We all need "me time," but I cannot see sacrificing our children for it.


Sarah said...

Sad but true. However,'s not what others do with their lives. It's about you and your family. Without the contrary, how we know what we have is blessed treasure--the nature law of check and balance. PEACE.

Stephanie said...

It's great to see you checking in! You are always so encouraging, thank you!

Donna said...

There was a commercial on the other night, it was for Staples (office supply store), and there was a dad running through the store with the Christmas song "It's the most wonderful time of the year" playing in the background. The dad was celebrating that his kids were going back to school. I made a mental note not to ever shop at Staples again. I hear ya on the parents rejoicing about school starting. Makes me sick! My oldest starts high school in 3 weeks. I wish it wasn't happening, I don't want her to go to school : ( But I agreed she was old enough now to have the choice, so I need to let her do this. But I am not rejoicing!

Mandy said...

i get so sad this time of year when i'm reading on facebook all of the parents who are so excited to send their kids off to school. makes me glad that i'm not one of them.