Monday, October 16, 2006

My intense little boy

My little Jared is really putting me through some moments of wonder. I can't find a word, he is so different and so intense and so smart and he gets frustrated so easy. When something doesn't go the way he wants he screams and throws things and you can't help him. He doesn't want help, he wants to do it himself, he wants it to go the way he expects it. For example, Legos, he builds neat things but he also gets so frustrated when they aren't right or a piece falls off, then he throws it across the room.

He recently started to write letters and if they aren't perfect he gets really mad, sometimes he wants me to show him how but usually he doesn't. He gets very intense and yells at us and calls us idiots... He yelled at the cashier in Kroger because he wanted 12 stickers and they gave him Halloween stickers and he wanted the regular ones, so they gave him 4 regular ones and he called them idiots. It doesn't sound that big of a deal after the fact, LOL!

There are so many examples that I could come up with if I think hard enough.
He is just intense about everything and I want to be here to help him through the frustrations.
He is so full of energy and life and learning so much at his young age I just want to help him learn how to deal with it.
He gets a lot of this from dh and he says you can't help him he has to figure it out himself :)

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Heidi Snavley said...

I sympathize with you and well understand what you go through day-to-day. You should really read The Explosive Child; it was so helpful to me. He addresses all of the issues that we deal with, especially the cursing and name calling that they usually don't remember after they have calmed down.

My Tristan will write his name several times if it is not absolutely perfect. When he was under two he used to line all of the shoes up in the entry way because he couldn't stand anything being out of place. He hardly plays in his room because he likes it neat and tidy. Too much noise and stimulation are almost too much for him to bear.

Hang in there! They are amazing children if we can get past their frustration in how they deal with the stimulation around them.